SOC Audit IT Assistance

Partnering with CPAs for Rapid SOC 1 & SOC 2 Reports

At GreenBean IT, our goal is to facilitate the audit process and help give all parties involved peace of mind in an accurate and effective Dallas SOC audit.

GreenBean IT Offers Full Dallas SOC Audit IT Assistance.

A Dallas SOC audit can only be performed by an independent Certified Public Accountant. The CPA must comply with the most current updates to each type of SOC audit established by the AICPA. The CPA, or auditor, must also have the technical expertise, training and certification to perform such engagements. SOC auditors may employ non-CPA professionals for SOC Audit IT assistance. These professionals have relevant Security and IT skills to aid in preparing for a SOC audit.

As a SOC certified Managed Service Provider, we fully understand our role within the testing parameters and how to treat clients of our CPA partners. We have helped CPAs certify their clients by providing the needed tools for conducting a readiness assessment, and advising on the necessary remediation measures from testing to reporting. Our past experiences have given us a recipe to ensure the audit is rapid, effective, and provides minimal business interruption so both our partners and their clients can be satisfied.

Advantageous Features.

A common thorn with SOC Audits is typically the sheer number of emails and calls to clearly understand policy and direction. SOC Vantage cuts out that headache.

Who loves sending spreadsheets back and forth? Not us. SOC Vantage streamlines the tedious information gathering process into one enjoyable experience.

Nobody likes having to repeat themselves. The saying “time is money” has never been truer and because of that we have created Smart Form technology for significant time savings.

By creating a time saving juggernaut, the days of astronomical SOC Audit fees are no more. We mix business with pleasure and not the weird way!

4 Steps to a Rapid & Successful SOC Audit.


Select SOC Report + Time Period
to Complete General Info.


Customize the Software to Your Company by Inputting Controls.


Schedule Virtual or Office
Field Visit & Final Touchup.


Receive Your Final Report
& Plan a Party!

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