AI and the Future of SEO

Change can be intimidating, especially in the world of SEO. As professionals who have dedicated our careers to this field, the idea of SEO changing so drastically due to AI and search engine changes seems daunting. However, it is essential to discuss what lies ahead based on past experiences and current observations for AI and the future of SEO.

Throughout the years, we have witnessed the emergence of direct answers, prominent ads, and other factors that have reduced exposure and click-through rates from organic search results. Despite our fears, the worst-case scenario has not materialized. In fact, the SEO industry has continually adapted and grown stronger.

Regardless of how search engines evolve, or which specific sources individuals use to access information, brands and companies will always strive to connect with their target audience. Whether it’s through Google, AI platforms, or numerous other methods, the desire to establish a brand-audience relationship remains unchanged. The channels through which this connection is established may vary, including chatbots, AI, connected devices, voice assistants, or even sentient robots that have been integrated into our lives. As a full-service tech company that specializes in SEO, we here at GreenBean IT are genuinely excited about the possibilities AI brings to our businesses and as consumers.

So, what should we do with AI? We believe in embracing and leveraging it. Within our team throughout all departments, we are actively utilizing AI in our internal processes and exploring its potential in SEO, digital marketing, web development, troubleshooting, help desk questions, and more.

It is worth noting that content quality remains essential in the current landscape. As AI-generated content becomes more prevalent, we will witness an influx of “good” content.  Gone are the days of AI-written articles that are easy to spot. However, there is still ample space for “great” content to prevail, and that includes using both AI alongside our own human creativity and intelligence. We must consider how much effort it will take to humanize AI-generated content, ensuring it aligns with our brand and resonates with our target audience. While we do not advocate entirely relinquishing content strategy to AI, it can serve as an invaluable research assistant or aid in generating first drafts.

We urge you to test and utilize AI while comprehending its current capabilities and limitations. Avoid dismissing it or turning a blind eye to its potential. But remember, even if Google’s prominence as the primary search engine diminishes over time (and we can all see that Google is not nearly as powerful or accurate with its results as it has been in years past), it will still play a substantial role as an information source for AI. Regardless of which platform emerges as the leader, the key focus for SEO professionals remains unchanged—consumers, businesses, and those seeking products, services, solutions, and answers.

How to Navigate AI and the Future of SEO

We must continue employing effective strategies that have proven successful thus far. Strengthen your technical SEO practices. Understand how search engine results page features work for or against you. Invest in SEO for the long term and allocate the necessary resources to support it. Keep up to date with the latest strategies and advancements by taking advantage of webinars and online training.

Additionally, seize the opportunities presented by AI within your organization’s processes. Stay ahead of the curve, but do not lose sight of the driving forces behind your current goals. Abandoning SEO prematurely would be a misstep. While we may undergo transformations and adopt new strategies and technologies in the future, SEO is not dying. It will continue to evolve and adapt to meet the demands of the digital landscape.

People will always be seeking and searching, and brands and organizations will still want to be discovered. These fundamental principles remain the same, even as technology, avenues, and means of access evolve. We believe in the longevity of SEO, and embrace the changes brought on by the emergence of AI and the future of SEO.

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